Karen Weber,M.S.W.,L.C.S.W.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Office Location: Chicago (loop), Oak Park
Psychotherapy Services Offered: Psychotherapy and counseling for adults, adolescents, children; Individuals, Couples, and Families.
Additional Services: Clinical Supervision and Consultation for other mental health professionals.
Appointments: Day, Evening, Weekend times available.
Payment Options: Self pay (income sensitive fees), Insurance.
Phone: 312-409-4606
E-mail: k.weber@psychotherapypartners.com

I view psychotherapy as a valuable and effective way to resolve personal and emotional difficulties. By providing a safe and thoughtful environment, clients have an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. People are not always aware of why they are engaging in certain behaviors or feeling distressed. By collaborating, we can identify underlying issues that may be causing conflicts and interfering with the overall quality of life.

Each client determines the focus of therapy and desired goals. It may be to address a particular problem or more on-going emotional difficulties. Psychotherapy is a process that can help people gain insight and self-awareness. At times it may be helpful to explore old patterns, relationships and beliefs. As people develop more understanding of themselves and others, they can make better choices, resolve problems, and improve their emotional well-being.

I offer short and longer-term therapy and tailor the work to meet each person's or couple's particular needs.

Relationship difficulties
Stress, Anxiety, and Panic disorders
Loss and Grief
Life transitions
Adolescent issues
Eating disorders
Marital and Couple's conflicts
Parenting difficulties

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