Have you had a baby, or adopted a child in the past year?
Are you feeling sad, nervous, worried or scared?

One in ten new mothers experiences various degrees of postpartum depression; anxiety; or more rarely psychosis. Postpartum complications can occur within days of the delivery or appear gradually, sometimes up to a year or so later.

Symptoms of depression may include: Loss of interest or pleasure in life • Loss of appetite • Decreased energy and motivation • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep • Early morning awakening • Sleeping more than usual • Increased crying or tearfullness • Feeling worthless, hopeless or overly guilty • Restlessness, irritability and/or anxiety • Unexplained weight gain or weight loss • Thoughts of death • Worries about harming the baby •

Symptoms of anxiety may include: Palpitations, pounding heart • Trembling or shaking • Nausea or stomach discomfort • Feelings that things around you aren't real • Sweating • Chest Pain or discomfort • Feeling dizzy or faint • Fear of losing control • Fear of dying • Chills or hot flashes •

If you are experiencing symptoms of depression and/or anxiety and would like to join a weekly ongoing psychotherapy group for new mothers contact Jessica Wall, L.C.S.W., at 708-383-5940. This group is located in the Loop and aims to provides support, understanding, and assist members in reaching a sense of well-being. For further information and inquiries, please contact Jessica Wall, L.C.S.W. by telephone or e-mail.

Jessica D. Wall is a licensed clinical social worker with experience in working with women in a community mental health setting, an inpatient psychiatric unit for women, parent-child play group, and in private practice with women, children, and their families for many years.


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